Ramin Faraji'sVision for a LivableRichmond Hill

Ramin Faraji is running to be the next Regional and Local Councillor to build a strong economic future for Richmond Hill. His vision for the town includes a plan for sustainable and inclusive development that makes Richmond Hill a hub for innovation, commerce, education, arts, and culture.

Making Richmond Hill a Destination forEconomic Growth:

Many people in Richmond Hill commute to Toronto for work. This means public transport issues, long commutes and less time with our families. Ramin envisions a Richmond Hill that has a thriving economy and is a hub for innovation. If our hard working families could live and work here, some of our biggest cost and transit issues would be mitigated. Ramin’s plan includes:

  • Economic development that will draw innovative companies to Richmond Hill, creating good jobs right here.
  • Opening a top notch higher-education center that will draw professors and students from across Canada, bringing opportunity for our children.
  • Both of which, will in turn create sustainable campuses that grow our community and our culture.

A Tax Plan that Stretchesour Dollars:

Ramin has spent his career in project and financial management roles. He has focused on smart-spending that has delivered projects that are both on-time and under-budget. Our taxes keep increasing because we’re not spending them on projects that will help our community well into the future. For far too long our government has spent our hard earned tax dollars on band-aids that don’t actually fix inherent problems. As Regional and Local Councillor, Ramin will work to ensure our tax dollars are well spent. He will make long-term improvements to our town, reducing our reliance on the York Region for water sources, emergency resources and most importantly our reliance on transit from the City of Toronto.

Building a Community that we All Want toLive and Work in:

Ramin was raised in Richmond Hill, and knows that for far for too long it’s been a commuter community. There is no reason to keep traveling into Toronto on the weekends if we build a place where everyone can live and work. Ramin wants to make Richmond Hill a community where we all want to come home to and explore. Together we can build that livable community. As Regional and Local Councillor, Ramin will focus on smart development projects. He will create green spaces that we all want to spend time in, he will push for the construction of creative spaces that beckon top artistic talent from Canada and across the globe. By building a place where we all want to live, we can truly create a community that’s thriving.

Smart Sustainability that Grows Richmond Hill and Protects it forFuture Generations:

Our reliance on external water sources and our lack of preparedness for natural disasters, such as the next big ice storm makes Richmond Hill vulnerable. Ramin wants to build up our emergency preparedness systems and resources so our community is always prepared. The best way to do that is to ensure our new development projects use the most sustainable resources, are built to withstand natural disasters, and use smart regeneration systems that keep our water and electric bills low. By focusing our new economic development on sustainability we can grow our community while keeping taxes low.

Affordable and DevelopmentallySmart Housing:

Smart affordable housing creates communities that thrive. When renters, owners and visitors take pride in the homes they live in, our community’s values are fostered. Growing up in Richmond Hill the values imparted to Ramin have shaped his vision for the town. Ramin wants to continue to see Richmond Hill as a strong community where families can grow and where our children want to stay and raise their children. Smart housing development that meets our needs while not turning our town into a skyline that rivals Toronto’s will ensure our community continues to bring people together.