Ramin Faraji, Candidate for Richmond Hill Regional and Local Councillor

Ramin Faraji Building a Strong Economic Future for Richmond Hill

Ramin Faraji is running for Regional and Local Councillor to build a strong economic future for Richmond Hill. His vision for the town includes a plan for sustainable and inclusive development that makes Richmond Hill a hub for innovation, education, arts, and culture.

Ramin immigrated to Canada when he was just 12 years old from Iran, and Richmond Hill has been his home ever since. His parents had the foresight to move their family to a place where their children could thrive; and now Ramin is taking that same initiative to ensure our community thrives well into the future.

Ramin has spent his career handling multi-million-dollar budgets in the healthcare and higher education sectors, ensuring that new projects are on time, on budget, and maximize the needs of our community; and now he wants to bring that project management expertise to our own town’s projects. One of his most rewarding jobs was with Mackenzie Health, while there Ramin worked with a team of talented and dedicated professionals to implement sound financial management practices to ensure that the hospital was in a balanced financial position, after a prolonged period of economic difficulty and deficits. Even after leaving Mackenzie Health, Ramin remained committed to the hospital and has taken on the opportunity to raise funds and give back to this wonderful organization.

Raised by his mother, a nurse who works with Mackenzie Health, and his father an entrepreneur, Ramin knows firsthand the need for good jobs in our community that allow families to live and work in Richmond Hill. Good jobs come from smart economic development that includes strong cultural identity, public spaces, and most of all higher education institutions.

Having lived in many of Richmond Hill’s six wards over his life Ramin knows that we can relieve much of our tax, infrastructure and transit woes by building a community that puts emphasis on sustainability and public planning. As Regional and Local Councillor, Ramin will work closely with all stakeholders, engineers and town planners to bring his vision for Richmond Hill into reality.

Recently married to one of the region’s rising sustainable architects, Ramin and his wife Farzi want to ensure our community remains strong for future generations. For well over a decade Ramin has been a public servant and has proven to be a principled leader, who has worked with labour unions, interest groups and community organizations to usher in smart changes that do just that.

If you believe in making improvements to Richmond Hill that will build up our community and make it a town that future generations will want to live and work in, then Ramin Faraji is your candidate for Regional and Local Councillor.