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Creating Opportunity ForRichmond Hill

The Town of Richmond Hill needs a comprehensive agenda for success and economic growth. Ramin believes we must transform the way we support our entrepreneurs, promote our businesses, and attract enterprises to our town. Furthermore, Ramin is a strong proponent of, and will advocate for, a higher-education institution in the Town of Richmond Hill. This will help with the creation of a new job-training system that will give people the relevant skills to thrive in the new global economy.

Building Richmond Hill’sFuture

Building infrastructure and a transportation system for Richmond Hill’s future requires a determined leader. Ramin believes we need to chart a path for better infrastructure, with a focus on investments that make our town more attractive to businesses, clean industries, and higher-education institutions. By adopting a more balanced and progressive development strategy, not only will we create more jobs and opportunities, this will give us the leverage to organically generate interest in our town and incentivize investments in our transportation system from the provincial and federal governments.

Defending Richmond Hill’sValues

The Town of Richmond Hill’s values are not just a point of pride; they are the very fabric of the town’s history and our future. In these turbulent political times, it is vital to take a balanced and non-partisan approach in working closely with other branches of the government to advance our economic and social priorities while maintaining our values and principles. Ramin will advocate for what is right – and will deliver results that will make a real difference in people’s lives.

My Richmond Hill Promise

It is time to re-think development and economic pursuit, where our priority is to have a balanced and inclusive approach that will allow our citizens to live, work, pursue higher-education and prosper within our community. That means focusing on:

Having a balanced development plan, through investments in our commercial and high-tech industries in proportion to our residential developments

Supporting entrepreneurship, promoting our local businesses and attracting new enterprises

Bringing in a higher-education institution (university or college) to Richmond Hill

Establishing Richmond Hill as a hub of innovation, arts, and culture in York Region

Incentivizing federal and provincial investment in transportation, by attracting people from adjacent towns and cities in pursuit of employment, education, and entertainment

Protecting and enhancing our biodiversity

Building our town’s resilience toward environmental, economic, and technological challenges

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